You Deserve Biosecurity

You Deserve Biosecurity

Learn about the Vital Oxide solution to your sanitation problems

As the country is starting to open back up, our schools and businesses must stay clean to prevent the spread of viruses. That's why Wash Worx LLC is offering large-scale disinfecting services for local business owners. Rely on our crew to use Vital Oxide to clean commonly touched surfaces in your workplace. This sanitation method provides fast-acting, total coverage.

Whether you're protecting the kids coming back to school or your employees returning to the office, you can count on us to ensure your building is sanitary.

For more information about our Vital Oxide treatment, call 208-936-5456 now.

Check out these commonly asked questions about Vital Oxide

Have questions about Vital Oxide? We've put together a few of our most commonly asked questions to help you find answers:

  • What is it? Vital Oxide is a compound that kills 99.99% of viruses within five minutes and destroys bacteria and fungi within 10 minutes of cleaning.
  • How does it work? This compound chemically alters the amino acids that contain sulfur. This effectively kills the organism on the surface.
  • What are the benefits? This effective sanitation method is a full EPA rating safer than bleach, phenol and quaternary ammonium.

You deserve a safer work environment. Contact us today to schedule Vital Oxide disinfecting services.