Clean and Restore Your Favorite Metal Possessions

Clean and Restore Your Favorite Metal Possessions

Sandblasting Services in Meridian, ID

For nearly two decades, Wash Worx has experience turning almost any item made of metal back to like new status, and at an affordable cost with our Sandblasting services in Meridian, ID. Sanding your precise property can take years away of paint corrosion, dirt, or rust using our high-pressure jets of air.

Anything from antique items, family heirlooms, metal sculptures, car bodies, farm machinery, you name it! Call us today to discuss your next restoration project!


Soap and water won’t clean everything. When your business requires heavy-duty cleaning, call Wash Worx for a variety of sandblasting services to keep your property looking great. Sandblasting takes care of your equipment or structure by:

  1. Getting rid of the rust
  2. Smoothing a surface for painting
  3. Eliminating oil and contaminants

Call 208-936-5456 today to get sandblasting in Meridian, ID and the surrounding area.